Hike: Eugenia Falls to Hogg's Falls and return
Distance: 12.6 km
Date: July 5, 2014
Hiking Group: The Out Goers (20 hikers)
Time to complete: 4.5 hours (including generous stop at Hogg's Falls)

This hike was a repeat of a hike that I did earlier this year in April. With the lack of snow the hike there and back is much simpler and alot faster. Starting at the parking lot of the Eugenia Falls Conservation Area there is a short 2 minute walk to Eugenia Falls. Eugenia falls is a 30 metre tall water fall.

While I have heard that in the summer it is but a trickle, it was flowing fairly well during the visit.  You can go right up to the edge of the falls and look over (not advisable though).  The trail to Hogg's falls is along the Bruce Trail and meanders along the escarpment and through fields and woodland.  The distance to Hogg's falls is about 6 km.  Doing this hike during the summer you are guranteed heavy mosquito swarms.  Hogg's Falls is a curtain fall that is only about 7 metres tall but the amount of water that goes over the falls rivals that of Eugenia.  There is a wonderful picturesque place to eat your lunch and as well a way to get tot he base of the falls. 

Categories: Out Goers